Soothing Gel Balm


Our soothing balm takes a two-step approach to relief: upon application, it first evokes a sensation of freshness which is followed up by a warm and relaxing heat.  While beneficial and convenient in its quick and easy application, this balm is not suitable for massages as it is more topical in its use and penetrates the skin quickly.

Its best and ideal use, then, comes in the immediate application the moment pain or discomfort is felt.

Including tamier and harpagophytum root along with essential active ingredients, it should be noted that this balm is not organic because it is derived from petroleum based products.

It is an easy balm to apply to tired, weak and tense areas.  As a result of its rapid healing and soothing properties, this balm is a favourite with people who are active on a daily basis as well as the elderly.

250 ml

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Precautions for preservation and use

Given that our products are natural, they contain no preservatives. They are cleaned at low temperatures, unpasteurized and remain “alive”. They are therefore sensitive to water, humidity, and any external contamination. When properly used, they can last for several months or even years. Although it is rare, a change in structure and color over time may occur. This neither changes the quality of the product nor its effectiveness. 

Here are a few tips for the ideal preservation of our cosmetics: 

– Do not expose the products to direct contact with water. 

– Do not leave the containers open, and certainly not in a moist room such as the bathroom. 

– For each use, open the container and remove the right amount. Immediately reclose it in order to avoid external contamination. 

– For the clay products “Artistes de la Nature” and other brands, it is important to vigorously shake the container before any use. 

– Light-heartedly and light-headedly use our magical recipes in the present moment. Our cosmetics work best when you focus on their effectiveness and expected results.


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