1.1. All orders placed on the Internet to Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl or to one of the affiliated companies, associations or websites are governed by these General Terms of Sale and Use, which shall apply to the exclusion of all other conditions.

By placing an order, you acknowledge to have read, understood and accepted without any reservations, these General Terms of Sale and Use.

1.2. By using this site www.naturkosmethics.com, you also agree to be subject to our General Terms of Sale and Use. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl suggests you read them carefully before using the services provided on this site. In case you do not agree with the general terms of sale, don’t use this site.

1.3. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl reserves the right to change these Terms of Sale and Use at any time by publishing a new version on this website. Every order placed after Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl publishes the new version of its General Terms of Sale and Use shall be deemed as having accepted the said Terms. The responsibility of reading, accepting and checking the content of the terms and conditions of sale and use during each visit to the site is your’s only.

1.4. Through your online registration, purchases and reservations on www.naturkosmethics.com, you will be committing to forward all your contact information (surname, first name, postal address, phone number, email address, date of birth) to Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl. They will be part of the company’s files and will not be shared with any third party.

1.5. These General Terms of Sale and Use shall be considered to have been understood, regardless of your native language and knowledge of the French.


2.1. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl shall not be held liable in the event of an accident or customer health problems.

2.2. As a participant in the use of all our products and services, you are responsible for personally insuring yourself for any loss, damage, accident or illness.

2.3. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl (Naturkosmethics) is in no way responsible for any physical reaction after the use of our products. Allergic people have the responsibility of checking the list of ingredients and whether or not to buy the desired product.


3.1. By placing an order on this site, you are agreeing to purchase the services & products that you have selected in accordance with these Terms of Sale and Use.

3.2. It is up to you to check the quantity and category of products ordered.

3.3. Payment or foreign exchange fees for orders shall be your responsibility.

3.4. All orders must be paid for online in order to be validated and delivered.


4.1. The orders you place on this site are not a binding contract until they have been confirmed by an email from Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl specifically stating the sale.

4.2. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl has the right and discretion to reject an order, especially in case of unpaid bills, insolvency or poor behavior on your part (the buyer).

4.3. The data recorded by Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl shall be irrefutable proof of the order or transaction. The data recorded by the payment system shall be irrefutable proof of financial transactions.


5.1. The payable prices for the goods you order shall be those shown on this site on the date of the order, including the VAT or Tax-free, but not including shipping fees.

5.2. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl has the right to change its prices and shipping fees at any time and to cancel a contract that has labelling, printing or calculation mistakes.


6.1. All orders confirmed by Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl will executed according to the availability of its partners. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl does not guarantee any execution timeframe.

6.2. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl shall do everything possible to ensure delivery within seven business days of receiving the order.


7.1. For any order to be cancelled, it must be done BEFORE SHIPPING. Once the order has be shipped, the purchase shall be considered fully acquired by the customer and is fully owned by the customer. No redemption or refund is therefore possible.

7.2. Given that the products sold are fragile because they contain no preservatives, RETURNING IS NOT POSSIBLE. Customers have an obligation to ensure the accuracy of their order before validating it.


8.1. In the event of any damage upon transportation, the product will be changed and refunded only upon the delivery company’s noticing/confirming it (factor) on the same day it is received.

8.2. In case of damage during transportation, the costs shall be charged to the delivery company.

8.3. Any product or service used, even partially, is non-refundable.


9.1. Payment by credit card is due immediately. Your credit card details will be encrypted for security reasons.

9.2. In cases of payment through invoices, they shall be payable in advance.

9.3. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl has the right to reject an order until the full balance due has been paid.


10.1. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl does not in any way guarantee the outcome/results of services and products sold and disclaims any liability in the event of damage or failure. As a customer, you are solely responsible for the success of your approach.

10.2. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl does not provide any after-sales services.


11.1. Pictures and content illustrating and describing the products and services on this site are non-contractual and only for informational purposes. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl shall take no responsibility for any mistakes or omissions in the pictures or written content on this site.

11.2. Without limiting the scope of these General Terms of Sale, no request of any kind for products or services delivered, or the non-delivery of products or services and the like may exceed the purchase price of the products or services that resulted in a claim for damages. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE IN ANY WAY FOR INDIRECT, ACCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY NATURE WHATSOEVER (EVEN IF THE ORIGIN OF SUCH DAMAGE WAS KNOWN OR COULD HAVE BEEN KNOWN BY Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl) OCCURRING IN RELATION TO ITS PRODUCTS OR SERVICES, THEIR USE, SALE OR THIS SITE.

11.2. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl does not offer any health or medical services but only wellness products and services. All medical responsibility is therefore excluded; the customer’s welfare and health are his or her own responsibility. Information provided on health topics stem from the sharing of personal experiences and you are not in any way obliged to follow them.


12.1. All pictures, texts, images, designs, articles, expressions and other objects not mentioned but present on the site are the property of Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl.

12.2. Use of the above-mentioned information can only be made after a written authorization and agreement from Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl.

12.3. In the event of theft and copying of information belonging to Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl, Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl will take legal action against the parties involved.


13.1. Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl will do all it can to fulfill its obligations but cannot be held responsible for delays or failures in deliveries arising from circumstances beyond its control, such as strikes, wars, natural or other disasters that prevent the production, transportation or delivery of goods and services.

13.2. In the event of a delay, Colife Swiss Coaching Sàrl will fulfill its obligations as soon as possible and shall have the right to share the remaining available services between its customers fairly.


14.1. These General Terms of Sale are governed by Swiss law.

14.2. Geneva shall be accepted and recognized by both parties as the legal jurisdiction.